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What To Get Your Young Niece Who Is In The Hospital For An Extened Stay

If your young niece, say pre-teen aged but older than toddler, is in the hospital for an extended stay, then you can appreciate how difficult the situation can be. Her parents are probably super stressed out, and she's probably a combination of bored and anxious. When you visit her, you should bring along something that can help pass the time and occupy her mind so that it might help with the stress. Here's a bunch of ideas that go beyond flowers.

Fancy Coloring Books With Crayons

A really great gift would a fancy coloring book accompanied by a complete set of really nice looking crayons. This is great because your niece will have to remain in her bed for long periods of time. Some hospitals will have video games hooked up that she might be able to use, but there is always the issue of electronic interference, which in many cases might mean she can't have televisions and computer games running. Plus, even if she can have the television on all day, the coloring book is a nice change of pace.

You can even get coloring books that are designed to have tear away sheets. So, she can color in a picture and then pin it to the board and help decorate her hospital room. This is important if she is going to be spending a lot of time in the room. The more she can personalize it, the less uncomfortable she will be.

Fun, Small Sized Board Games

Another cool change of pace from video games are board games. These are really good because she can play with her mom, her roommate, if they are able, and any visitors who come in to see her. When choosing a board game, try and get one that isn't too big so that it can comfortable fit on a sliding table that can roll over her bed. You might also want to avoid really complicated multi-player games that take hours to finish. Something that a visitor could play in a half hour or so is a good choice.

Cuddly Stuffed Toys

She will also love a really cute and cuddly stuffed toy. This is great for when she is nervous, or when her mom and dad might not be able to be at the hospital. It can stand in as a surrogate pet of sorts, since it's highly unlikely that the hospital will allow pets (aside from occasional therapy animals that might make the rounds). You can find stuffed toys in the design of a teddy bear, dragon, pony, or some other cool animal. She might have not brought her own stuffed animals from home, or maybe she didn't bring them thinking it would make her look too much like a "little girl", but she might really want one deep down. So, giving her one as a gift would be appreciated.